Monday, 21 May 2012

Giant Donut Recipe

I had my first visit to B'n'M last week and saw they sold giant donut moulds!! Now Id be silly to pass it up and when I saw it was only £1 I nearly fell on the floor!!!!

So I decided to try it out on my work colleagues. I followed my basic cupcake recipe because that never fails, and made enough to use 6 eggs (so thats 6 x the mix) and then followed the instructions to butter and flour my mould.

Now, I have a giant cupcake mould, but it never works perfectly, it always sticks and I now know what ive been doing wrong all this time.... butter and flour my mould. Comes out perfectly clean... and then I jump with joy!!

I had enough batter left to whip up around 24 cupcakes - as I know they are a greedy lot, and true to form, they ate almost everything. I decorated the donut with chocolate fudge frosting, and the cupcakes with lemon buttercream, made with the new flavoured icing sugar (that I also picked up super super cheap from B'n'M)
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