Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Cake Pop Maker

This past weekend I went to Lakeland. Yeah, I know, you're all thinking... and what? Lemme let you in on a little shameful secret. It was my first time. I had no clue that my nearest shop was only 10 miles down the road instead of the 2 hour drive away I originally thought my nearest shop was.

Id found out about the lakeland on the Thursday, obsessed all Friday and then my wonderful husband said we should go on the Saturday. It was a wonderful weekend. Almost Famous burgers on the Friday night, and a mini shopping spree in lakeland on the Saturday, followed by trying my new gadget on the Sunday.

I made original cake pops for valentines day. I mixed cake with frosting and then moulded them into my Mickey silicon mould and then coated them in chocolate. They were like bricks, and tasted of sweet mess. My idea of cake pops had been shattered. I really dont know how anyone could enjoy them. Balls of sweet sick.

Ive been looking at the Babycakes maker, which bakes cake batter into balls, no sweet mess. But with postage to the UK and all that mess, its stupidly expensive.

Imagine my joy when I find out that lakeland stock a maker of their own. It makes 6 cake balls in 4 minutes... yeah right. That was until I read review after review of it being simple to use and doing exactly what it said on the box. So I bought one. This one to be precise.

I whipped up a bowl of my Basic Vanilla Cupcake batter and used this to make the cake pops. It was pretty much the same as in the booklet that was provided with the machine, apart from the recipe in the book making 30 cake pops... I really didn't need that many.

Following the instructions I waited for the machine to heat up, I then popped the batter in the holes and closed the lid for 4 minutes. The first 6 took around 4 minutes 20 seconds. The rest took 4 minutes exactly. Heres how they turned out...

They came out of the machine clean. Some of the ones I overfilled crept over the sides, but they gave me a little extra to munch on between filling. On the whole, I think it took me 30 minutes to make the batter and have a bowl full of cake balls. It was really easy and the shapes came out uniformed after the first batch. I think my batter could have done with a little more milk to make it easier to pour into the holes, and im not adverse to using a piping bag either - I did try my silicon pourer but it didn't work so well. So... either a squeezy bottle or a piping bag would give you perfect filling, or if you're not that bothered a little spoon and your finger will do the trick... you just need to be fast.

I can imagine this is great fun to use with children, and I hope my maker still works when I have a family old enough to hold a stick (to dip it in chocolate of course) as im sure they would make great treats or presents for friends. (emergency bags and ribbon at the ready)

The next step for me is getting them on sticks and dipping them in chocolate. Ive ordered some sticks from Ebay, but they are quite small, god knows why I thought they would be big enough, but they kinda look cool for making chuppa chup lollipops.... hmmmm.

Oh, and before you ask. Lakeland did not ask me to write this... I really did love it that much to blog about it. lol

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