Wednesday, 12 December 2012

More Cupcakes by Karen

Part 2 of my special look at how you can adapt my Basic Vanilla Cupcake recipe is here, and Karen is back with more wonderful and inventive cupcakes. In the first post, Karen shared some amazing cupcake recipes that im now dying to try and re-create myself. However, lots of the ingredients are limited or not available in the UK, so in following posts ill be looking at ways we can get the same results here in the UK... now THAT'S fun! :-)

Reese's pieces

Add peanut butter and crushes RP in batter, vanilla buttercream topped with more crushed RP


Add pistachios and pistachio instant pudding in batter, confectioners sugar, butter and pudding mix for frosting - will get really thick thanks to pudding mix, add milk to correct consistency

Toasted coconut

Toast shredded sweetened coconut until golden, add to batter and top with vanilla cream cheese icing and toasted coconut

Anna's 2nd Birthday cupcakes

vanilla cupcakes with orange-vanilla buttercream, strawberry cream cheese, vanilla butter cream and chocolate frostings

Ice Cream Cones

strawberry cone cupcakes with strawberry cream cheese frosting and chocolate chips, made for a friends birthday.

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