Sunday, 10 March 2013

Cakes for Mothers Day

This mothers day I decided to bake a cake each for our mums using my 6" lose bottom tin. Its so cute and tiny that it was quite tempting to go all in and make as much batter as possible... which is what I did. Lets set the scene. I have 1 night to bake 2 cakes and decorate them to a level that I wont want to cry about later. Its a Friday night, which means its Walking Dead night. Which means... I have until 10pm or thereabouts. Ill need to eat tea and prep the kitchen ready for my madness. This will be tight. Theres always sky+ for a delayed start. Lets GO.

I had planned my cakes the week before, but on the morning of Friday I had a sinking feeling that my fondant covered cakes wouldn't be what our mums would want. So, I text them both, and they both came back saying they would like vanilla cakes, with buttercream. My mum added chocolate into the mix, so I decided to make her one with chocolate buttercream, and Fred's mum one with vanilla buttercream.

I had already made some fondant roses earlier in the week, and I was pretty happy with them and how they had dried. I made these by hand, no fancy tools apart from a plastic bag and a small spoon to smooth the edges. Tutorial coming soon!!

So I went about making the cakes, and making it up as I go along. I used my basic vanilla recipe. (x3) to make each of the cakes. They took an hour or so to cool before I put a thin layer of buttercream on to crumb coat the cakes. I made vanilla buttercream tinted with pink for one cake and a chocolate buttercream for the other. I used my new Wilton Icing Colours set.

I highly recommend you get some of these bad boys if you do a lot of colouring work. They are tasteless and you need the absolute tiniest bit to get a great colour. I dipped a toothpick about half a cm into the pot to achieve the colour i had on my cake... wow.

I decorated the cakes using my Wilton 1M tip and made roses around the cake. A technique id used before and seen used by a few of my baking friends. I was really happy with the end results. I laid the fondant roses on top and refrigerated overnight.

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