Saturday, 4 February 2012

Giant cupcake recipe

Last week my friend's little girl Ruby celebrated her first birthday and I offered to make her a cake and some cupcakes to match.

I decided to make a giant cupcake filled and coated with vanilla buttercream and finished with strawberry jam buttercream and white chocolate fingers.

Giant Cupcake Cake recipe

I used 6x my basic cupcake recipe for the cake and cupcakes (I think I got around 14) so 4x for the giant cupcake and 2x for the regular size cupcakes.

I used my basic buttercream recipe for the vanilla buttercream and for the finishing pink buttercream I added several spoons of a seedless strawberry jam until the taste and colour was right.

After the cake was finally baked (and they do take forever in the mould) and cooled I went about putting a layer of vanilla butter cream on all sides of the bottom base, around the sides to stick the chocolate fingers to and on top for the top cake to sit on. Then after adding the chocolate fingers around the bottom - I used 2 boxes, I secured with a wide ribbon which I later removed before delivering the cake.

After adding the top and adding a layer of vanilla buttercream to the top cake I put in the fridge to harden up - in my case this was overnight as I wanted to make sure the finishing buttercream was piped on fresh on the morning of the party.

Then on the morning of the party I mixed up 3x my basic buttercream recipe and added several large spoons of seedless strawberry jam until I was happy with taste and colour.

I added the buttercream to my piping bag and used the wilton 1m tip to create the rose swirls on both the giant cupcake and regular cupcakes. The technique is done by starting in the centre of the cupcake and work the swirl outwards instead of inwards which would normally make a peaked swirl.

I then finished both the cupcakes and giant cupcake with pink and pearl edible balls from ASDA.

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  1. This is SO SO gorgeous Nicola. I still am yet to make a giant cupcake despite having the tin... I'd love your recipe so I get the quantities right? xx

  2. Hi Emi, Just use my basic vanilla recipe and times it by 4, thats all I use and then add to it. Or make double what you normally would for an 8" cake tin. Good Luck!