Monday, 18 June 2012

Birthday flower pot for my mum

It was my mums birthday yesterday and we were still in Kent, so I was unable to make her a cake. She had to endure a beautiful day at the seaside in Hastings with fish and chips for lunch and sunny weather - woe her.

BUT, we got back home today and I decided since  had the house to myself (like I do every Monday) id make my mum the cake she asked for.

Now, ive mentioned before - im not that great at big cakes, so please avoid looking too closely at the photos in this post (or you'll laugh)

Id watched a video on youtube about making a flowerpot cake and so I decided since my mum LOVES flowers Id make her some from coloured icing.

Ive never really made anything with anything mouldable apart from a really poop man utd shirt for some cupcakes. So this would be the first time I would make roses. I made a ball of pink and a ball of bronze (which went skin coloured) and set about making the roses. The first few were rubbish but then I got into the swing.

To make a rose, get your icing and make 6 little pea sized balls, plus a little sausage no bigger than the end of your finger.

I used a zippy bag and placed the sausage on the bag and folded a corner over so i could smooth the icing without it sticking. I made a long flat sausage with this piece and then rolled it up to make the centre of the rose.

The first 3 balls were placed on the bag and smoothed out into discs which were then wrapped around the centre, slightly overlapping as I went. Then the next 3 balls made the outer petals. I sliced off the excess icing and laid on a plate to dry out and harden a little.

I was really happy with the outcome.

The cake I made was a chocolate cake and after what seemed like an eternity in the oven (the centre just didnt want to firm up) the cake was cooling in the kitchen.

Ok, now, I know this sounds obvious, but dont put buttercream on a warm cake (oh god im stupid) In my haze of decorating the cake the bottom icing was waaaaaaay too thin and tore loads, and the cake was kinda still warm inside which meant everything just went wrong.. BUT I was happy with the final result, it looked ok for my first attempt at a few new things. What do you think?
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