Thursday, 28 June 2012

Kitchen Labels

In our new kitchen I have a lot more cupboards and spaces to put my things which means I can organise things easier and categorise cupboards into use. So far I have a baking cupboard under my hob, which has all my cake tins, cupcake trays, wire rack and also some of my bigger kitchen items such as my slow cooker, bread bin, frying pans and a small stacked area for tinned food. I also have several BYGEL rails from Ikea for my pan lids and washing up items (outta sight outta mind - ill be making a blog post about hidden storage soon) attached to the back of my cupboard doors.

All of my baking equipment and those small items are placed in labelled clear boxes that have lids on, which means nothing gets mixed up and it makes cleaning much easier.

I designed the labels and printed them onto an A4 sticky sheet, cut them out and stuck them onto all my cupboard boxes, such as cupcake cases, flavours and colourings, packets, toppings, chocolate, crisps and all my baking items such as plain flour, self raising flour and caster sugar.

The labels have a Disney link too, with the text running around the edge reading "Sassagoula Steamboat Company serving Port Orleans since 1853" and "Sassagoula River, FL" underneath.

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