Monday, 3 September 2012

Pink Vanilla Birthday Cake

I was recently asked to make a birthday cake by a colleague for her future sister-in-law. They would be meeting for the first time, and with a language barrier they needed something to break the ice, and nothing is more universally satisfying than a cake!!!
The brief was simple. Something small and girly.

So I had a look through my recipes and decorating inspiration and knew it had to be something pink and delicate.

We decided to do a pink vanilla two tier cake, filled with vanilla buttercream, and finished with white vanilla buttercream and pink roses. The placement of the roses and the other details were left to me, and so I went about creating the cake.

I made two separate cake batter mixes, and put them individually into the 6" cake tins I had decided to use. I find this easier than trying to split a double mix equally or weighing batter. I can only do this because I almost always use an all-in-one mixing method in my kenwood chef. If I was doing this with a hand whisk id weigh and split a double mix.

The inside of the cake is pink. So it will be like a surprise when you cut inside. My cake tins are generously greased and because the cakes are small, I don't line the bottom with parchment. In bigger cakes (ie anything over 6") I would grease the sides and put a round of parchment in the bottom.

I then bake and cool the cakes. They pop easily out of the tins and the pans are almost completely clean. I let them cool completely before making a huge batch of vanilla buttercream.

The buttercream will fill the inside and cover the outside completely. So I need a lot. All the leftover will then be used to pipe pink roses cascading down the side of the cake. Heres the results.

The end result came out really nice, which I was very happy with. The roses looked cute and I finished with little pearl balls, pink sugar and white butterflies, all edible. As well as a faint pattern left on the buttercream. If I was to do this again I would finish the bottom of the cake off with ribbon or a piped rim, as it was the only part I wasnt 100% on. Let me know what you think!!!

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  2. What a pretty cake...the recipient must have been very pleased! Love the pink sponge too! :-)